Listing competition is FIERCE!

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you are here because...

Every successful agent began as a NEW AGENT. As new agents we were committed, just like you, to thriving in the Listing Business, yet without proper direction and systems the process quickly turned to overwhelm! Where to start, what to say, how to sound experienced?

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Does this also sound like you?

  • Are you are lacking systems and strategies for new Listing opportunities?
  • Are you looking for Actionable Items that will create consistency in your business?
  • Are you letting Real Estate run you, instead of running Real Estate as a Business?
  • Is your broker is preaching cold calling, door knocking and nothing else.

"OMG, so good!!! So many great nuggets, I loved the conversation on agent commission. Thank you for teaching agents to lead the conversation and to firmly guide the sellers to where they need to be to sell their home quickly and at a fair price! Love it – no more winging it or printing out six inches of information that no one will read!"

Patti M. - Buyer Agent

Let's get on the same page

Are you tired of struggling in the Listing Business? Frustrated over the inconsistent results your actions are bringing. You KNOW that Listings are King, you know that every Listing should bring you 3 more transactions, but no one is giving you the Actionable Items needed to get off the roller coaster.

Fearful that cold calling and door knocking are the only way to secure new listing appointments?

You know you're resourceful, willing to dig deep to get the results you desire but you just need the guidance from someone who has been, there, done that. Someone who is bringing their experience

We were in that same spot!

I KNEW Listings were the way to go, yet I kept struggling with where to find listing opportunities, struggled with how to build consistency in my Listing Business. I needed to get off of the roller coaster.

Mostly I was intimidated about the Listing Presentation, I worked so hard to create the opportunities, it hit me extra hard when I didn’t secure the Listing. I didn’t secure it due to a weak Presentation. Over time my confidence level dropped. I KNEW I was the RIGHT CHOICE for the Sellers’, but I needed to change my outcome.

I took everything I knew, action items I created and some verbiage I learned along the way and an approach that I was comfortable with. I molded EVERYTHING into a Listing Presentation that felt natural, was not filled with empty promises, a made the sellers know they were in the right hands.

And guess what, IT WORKED!

I walked away with EVERY Listing that I wanted, quickly got them under contract and each happy seller brought me new referrals, plus neighbors asked me to do the same for them. I was quickly building a Listing Business.

As a new agent without a serious mentor, I created my own success because failure was NOT an option for me. I made a vow back then, that when I had enough knowledge to teach and train other agents, I would do so, because no one should have a first year like I did!

I am presenting you with the exact Listing Presentation I used. Take it, make it your own and build your confidence level quickly. Sellers will not be able to deny that you are the right agent for them!

My Team and I are also bringing you a Library full of Listing Opportunities. Opportunities you need to build a consistent and successful Listing Business.

So serious go-getters

If you are a serious and resourceful agent that KNOWS there is a better way, then what you have been doing. Join Listing Language and be on your way to building consistency, putting systems in place and getting off of the roller coaster!

Perhaps you are a BUYERS AGENT and you are being told to Cold Call and Door Knock. No way! There are a TON of other avenues you can take to successfully launch your Listing Business; you will be amazed! You’re experience with Buyers brings great value to the table when you are working with sellers. Your sellers will appreciate your insight.

Or perhaps you are a LISTING AGENT stuck on the Real Estate roller coaster and your Listing Business is lacking consistency and systems. You probably just need a few tweaks to where you are searching for new business and update the conversations you need to have with potential new sellers’.

Isn’t this what the “real world” should be?


The Listing Language Presentation Course

Created By agents For Agents. Listing Language is designed to guide you through step by step activities and natural conversations to help you create a strong Listing Business. Get off the roller coaster and build a consistent business. We give you easy to follow action items and accountability. It doesn't matter if you are a new agent, buyers agent or a listing agent that needs a stronger listing business. Our action items will bring the opportunity and our Language will seal the appointment and ultimately the Listing Contract. Grow a business to be proud of without working 24/7 anymore! A successful Listing Business is the fastest way to bring your business AND your income to the next level!

Learn the language, make it your own, and never look back.

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  • No more searching for the perfect Listing Presentation, this is NOT your Brokers presentation, this is about YOU and your Sellers'

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    “This online course is equivalent to private coaching without the price tag! I highly recommend it!” Patti M. - Texas

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    Let's start building your business, your confidence and your income by building the ultimate Listing Business. Listing Language gives you the steps and the tools to build a business to be proud of. We were agents, just like you, that KNEW there was a better and easier way, yet couldn't find someone that would tell us EXACTLY what to do, WHERE to look and HOW to approach this side of the business. Anyone can get a buyer, but it takes planning and confidence to build a Listing Business. We have you covered from finding Listing Opportunity to the ultimate Listing Presentation. Listing Language was designed to help other agents be successful without spending thousands! Join the thousand of other agents that have grown their business through Listing Language.

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